I've always loved New York, yet I've only been there once. It was October 1998. A stockbroker friend was scheduled to attend a financial conference at the World Trade Center. I'd mentioned that I'd always wanted to go to NYC, and he offered to let me tag along. I was thrilled. I stayed at the... Continue Reading →

where do dreams go? if i could capture just one from long ago i'd grab hold of its wings and make it so

Memorial weekend a few years back, I was having kind of a melancholy morning as I walked my dog through the neighborhood, until I saw an older gentleman sticking a little American flag in the ground at the entrance of a senior center. I stopped and chatted with Ted, a veteran of the Korean War.... Continue Reading →

Time's a tricky thing, but unlike money in a 401k, it doesn't accrue as the days go by. You use it or you lose it.

Full Circle: Why I Left a Perfectly Good Job in Corporate America

Admittedly, I was one of the lucky ones. If I had to settle for a "regular" job, at least I landed one with supervisors who recognized my talents and created opportunities for me to use them. That's not to say that I exactly skedaddled up the corporate ladder. I was a bit of an anomaly.....a creative soul in a very conservative traditional structured organization....and in the south, no less.

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